Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This is 40...or 28.

This is me.

No I'm not 40 today, but 28.  The funny thing about me is that I have always felt like an old soul in a young body.  I love old movies.  Love the 50's style. Vintage. Like shopping at places like Ann Taylor.  And have always gotten along better with adults more than my own peers.   

Growing up I was pretty sheltered from watching tv, movies, and listening to music.  I never liked playing pretend, and would rather fill my time drawing or playing sports.  Ryan knows all this about me now.  Like the fact I grew up watching Cary Grant and Doris Day.  My lack of dancing abilities from never having school dances growing up.  He knows how foolish I feel trying to even look remotely sexy in anything I'm doing...and if I look sexy it usually means my sister dressed me.  He knows how hard of a time I have trying to come up with funny hashtag phrases for my tweets.

But this is the way God created me, and I'm okay with that.  He created me to be loving, affectionate, ambitious, realistic, and joyful.  And the great thing is, God gave me Ryan who definitely compliments my more serious, realistic, and unknowing personality in many ways.  He brings out the playful side of me and allows me to act like the kid I sometimes never was.  Even if I feel foolish in front of others, I can be that way with him.    

So another year older,  however I feel like I'm going to the other direction and am only getting younger with age. Here's to living life at 28 to fullest!


  1. Yay! Happy birthday to you! 28 will be an amazing year!

  2. Happy birthday girlfriend!! :) so exciting!