Saturday, January 5, 2013

Field Trip

 I admit, I am a book nerd.  Every week I fit a stop to the local public library into my schedule of things to do.  You can be sure its true by the thrill and excitement I get when looking through the aisles of books, or getting an email saying I recieved a book I put on hold.  Not only that, but I realized years ago that I can rent and bring home a handful of the newest movies out for free.  I don't even have to spend a $1 at the Red Box!

So after almost a year of being married, it was time.  It was time to introduce Ryan to the public library.  Our Saturday off together was snowy.  The perfect kind of day to  snuggle up and watch a movie.  So we headed to the library to find some good movies. 

I think it was a success.  Ryan loved it (check out that smile).  He was even amazed as I taught him the automatic self checkout process.

Libraries are an amazing thing.  Go check out your library!

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  1. Caleb and I tear up our local library all the time!! :) SUCH a fun, and FREE date!