Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thermarest Trail Lite Review

I was looking for a sleeping pad that was convenient, small, and offered comfort against the rocks and bumpy ground.  Its often times too much work to lug out a huge air mattress for a short stay somewhere, or is just plain impossible if you are backpacking and carrying all your supplies. 

That's why I invested in the Thermarest Trail Lite Women's sleeping pad.  Thermarest is a well-known and respected brand among air mattress and pads.  I have used it so many times over the years and it has held up very well against the elements. 

Some 'Pro's' for the pad:
  • Lightweight.  If you are backpacking and looking to save on weight any way you can, this is a great mattress pad to bring along.
  • Durable.  I have had no problems with punctures even with how many times I have used it.  No leaks with the valve. It is also easy to wipe clean.
  • Comfort.  Offers comfort from the uneven ground, especially for back and stomach sleepers.  Lying on your side can still be uncomfortable, but definitely offers more support and cushion.  Women sleeping pads offer extra foam around the torso and feet for added insulation and warmth.
  • Spacious stuff sack.  Comes with a stuff sack that it fits into easily to keep it from getting dirty and provides easy stowaway.
  • Convenience.  I love the convenience and quickness of setting up camp.  Just open the valve and lay it out on the tent floor.  No batteries or pump needed!
  • No Anti-Slip.  The backing is not anti-slip material.  With its narrow size to keep it compact and light, I will often find myself slipping off the pad during the night when I roll over. 
  • Not waterproof if tent leaks. 
  • For women who are taller it can often times be too short.  Make sure you choose the correct length.
  • Not fully self inflating.  While it will inflate some, often times when I arrive at a site it is not fully inflated by the time I go to bed so I will have to blow it up myself.  Not a huge inconvenience though since it only takes a couple minutes.

Tips for storing your sleeping pad:
  • If your mattress is new, or has been stored rolled or compressed for a significant amount of time, it could take up to 24 hours for the foam inside your mattress to fully regain its maximum self-inflating efficiency. To help with this, they recommend inflating your mattress fully by mouth to help stretch the foam core back to its original loft.
  • Store all self-inflating mattresses dry, unrolled and with valves open.
  • Beware of extreme heat in places like attics and parked cars that can damage your mattress permanently. Under a bed or behind a couch that’s against a wall are good, space-saving options.
While the Theramest Trail Lite does compromise in areas and doesn't offer complete large air mattress comfort, it does however offer a blend of comfort, convenience, small size and durability to fit the basic needs of a weekend camper or backpacker. 


  1. i always used one of these at girls camp and it seriously saved me! love your blog, seriously so cute!!

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