Friday, November 11, 2011

Leaving a Legacy

Hello Readers!  In the midst of wedding planning and studying during the semester, unfortunately the blog has dropped low on my priorities.  Sorry I haven’t had time to update along the way.  With all that’s been going on I’ve been running on auto pilot, going from one thing to the next on my checklist.  It’s not until something happens out of your control, that causes you to drop everything you are doing and go a different direction, that you realize the humor of the statement, “If you wanna make God laugh, tell Him your plans for the day.”
This week I received a call during clinical that grandma had gone into another fainting episode that she never came out of and only had a short time left to live.  The hardest part was watching the goodbye tears of the workers who had grown to love her so much during her stay in the Alzheimer’s home.  It made me think about the legacy that grandma has left behind in the hearts of so many people.
Ryan and I are currently taking marriage classes through church and recently discussed contentment and the things that are truly lasting in this world.  If we were honest with ourselves, its disheartening how many times our anger probably stems from the discontentment of our hearts when comparing what we have to others.  It’s not until the death of someone who impacted your life and who you loved, that you truly understand people are not going to remember the amount of your paycheck, type of job, education, home, or status you had.  For if that was all you held in importance, there will probably be many who will not even notice your absence once you’re gone.  What people will remember in this life is the love of Christ in your life.  I pray that I am remembered as a wife who brought my husband closer to the Lord by the respect, love, and godliness I displayed (1 Peter 3:1), that I taught my children to do everything in life for His glory and to fear the Lord (Prov 31:30), and that I was a friend who loved and listened (1 Cor 13).   
While grandma will be missed by many, I know that she is dancing with Jesus…not regretting anything she did not have in this short life.