About Me

Hello.  Welcome to my blog Rachelle is.  I am a late twenty-something newlywed with a passion for travel and fitness.  I have spent a large portion of my life playing sports and traveling around the United States.

I started writing this blog because I was tired of hearing people say they were 'bored'.  Some may be afraid to try something new, while others have no idea where to begin planning a trip and need some inspiration.   I have gotten so much satisfaction from planning and being a guide on vacations for friends, that I decided to share my passion and ideas for fun and travel online for others to hear.  I love living life to the fullest and want to help people do the same.

I grew up playing basketball and soccer during high school, and started running consistently during college.  I never thought I would enjoy running long distances, but found I really enjoyed running half marathons and have the goal of running my first marathon before I'm thirty.   You will also find on my blog anything from my training progress, product reviews, and tips on health and fitness.

I am also the wife of this cute guy.  This is Ryan.  He proposed August 2011 on top of Longs Peak at 14,000 feet in Colorado.  You can read about our engagement story and watch the video here.  We were married January of 2012.  He is my best friend and travel partner.  I am so fortunate and happy that he enjoys adventures as much as I do. 

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Hope you enjoy! 


  1. Love your blog! Whenever I make a trip out west, I will definitely turn here for some tips on what to see and do.

  2. Just randomly hopped over here somehow, and I'm glad I did! :) I'm a wannabe runner!! I've done a handful of 5ks, but would love to run more regularly and maybe work my way up to a half-marathon one day! Looking forward to reading along and hopefully learning a lot!!

    1. thanks for stopping by and reading Erin! Good luck with your running- hope you reach that half marathon!